Grandma is a Mathdork?

"Every student is different."  But I'm not here to bore you with platitudes.  Everyone does learn in a different way, and everyone can benefit from the right fit for tutoring and test prep.  Some students look for a tutor with a specific background, specific interests, and of a specific age. Sometimes I wonder, though, is this a reactive motivation, rebelling against the approach taken by a teacher you don't love?  I believe student is really seeking is that elusive human element, a rapport with the person in whom she is investing hopes for achieving academic goals. 

Think about a grandma--less agenda, right?  Non-judgmental.

So what is good about a grandma tutor?  Here is what I have been told:  minimal invested ego;  I have proved or disproved my abilities long ago, and am free to focus on the student.  My style is student-centered as opposed to "program" centered. Who is this about? I work for you!  

I also work with non-academic factors that influence both learning material and performance on tests; I know what is important to teach along with the how-to.