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Make Math Work for you!

Personalized Tutoring in Math and Test Prep in Michigan

by Royanne Levy
Credentialed Math and English Teacher


High School and college Subject Tutoring

Algebra 1 and 2, Geometry, Trigonometry, Pre-Calc, Calculus AP
College Algebra, Business Calculus

Test Preparation

Graduate Record Exam, Quantitative and Verbal

SAT, ACT Math and Verbal

in person or Skype with a shareable whiteboard


How does one-on-one tutoring differ from classroom learning?  The assumption may be that it's mainly the fact that you have the teacher's undivided attention, and therefore can get all of your questions answered; and this is partially true.  If it were entirely true, however, then your neighbor's 16-year-old neighbor's skills would suffice--why hire a professional teacher/tutor?

Knowledge of the material is the first step,  but how is that knowledge processed?  How might the student get in his or her own way?  What concepts does the student carry that help or hinder his or her learning of the subject?  Lastly, how does the student obtain the skills and apply them to a new situation, particularly on a challenging standardized test?  Michigan residents call 419-280-4624

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