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More Than 20 years' Teaching Experience

 Cartoon - Astronauts "Houston we have a Word Problem"
 Cartoon, Child Doing Math Problems On Board

If you chuckled at any of the above, I can assure you there is hope!

No matter what your Math goal.

Sometimes it can be difficult to figure out what you are dealing with, when you are not achieving your desired outcome in Math.

Services in Minnesota:

  • High School Math Support through Calculus AB

  • College Algebra

  • GRE, SAT, ACT Prep including Verbal sections

Customized Programs adapted to your individual talents and goals serving all communities in Minnesota.

No two students are exactly alike in regard to what they bring to the table, and what kind of educational approach will benefit them the most. Learn Math ( or English for Verbal sections) in a user-friendly, non-judgmental setting offered by someone who could be your grandma!

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