My son Collin worked with Royanne his junior year in high school in preparation for SATs. He scored a perfect 800 on the math section!
---------Chom, Groton, Maine
I work with clients who have visual perception problems that often have an impact on their Math performance. After addressing the visual problem, a student may need to catch up at school.
The feedback from my clients is very positive about the tutoring skills of Royanne Levy.  I have recommended Ms. Levy for Math tutoring and I have have had a number of parents call and thank me.  They also liked meeting online.
---------Elaine G., Director, Irlen Clinic, Toledo, Ohio
My son was a junior in High School and although he did very well in Algebra 2, his SAT Math score was disappointing. 
He had about 16 hours of tutoring before his next exam and his scores jumped from 500 to 660!  I was impressed by how Ms. Levy got to the root of his test taking issues. Overall we could not be happier! Thank you.
............James P., Vacaville, CA
My family has had the joy of working with Royanne Levy for both my daughter and son's math issues. I am 100 percent pleased with all the help she was able to give, as without her help I am sure my children would not be doing as well as they currently are. We have used this tutor for two years now for help with algebra and also geometry as well as issues with homework where I can't help as a parent. I am very grateful to have found this service for my children's math needs.
..............Veronica C., Swanton, Ohio